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There is an epidemic that is injuring and killing more women than automobile accidents, cancer, etc.


Robbery, murder, kidnapping, hijacking, domestic violence, rape, stalking, etc.

  • 1 out of 3 (32.4%) women will face an attacker in their lifetime
  • 1 out of 5 college girls will face an attacker in their college years
  • How many registered sex offenders in the USA? 1000? 2000? NO!! 740,408. Up 21% since 2012!

Please don't let this happen to you.

These victims never thought this could happen to them.

reeva pic normal

This is Reeva Steenkamp, model and college girl, before and after her murder by boyfriend, athlete Oscar Pistorious

reeva pics aftermath

Don't ignore this reality!

Don't gamble with your or your daughter's life!

woman crime

Let us help you now!

Every 23 seconds another woman is attacked.

Knowledge is Power! We give you the knowledge to have the power.

  • NO strength required.
  • NO atheleticism required.
  • NO fitness required.
  • NO gym work outs required.
  • NO Judo, Karate, or any other martial arts required.

Just download our instructional demonstrational video to your mobile or laptop from the comfort of your home.

  1. We explain to you what your attacker's state of mind is.
  2. We explain what your mind is going through when confronting an attacker.
  3. We give you the confidence that enables you to keep calm and in control of your body and mind.
  4. We show you how to use everyday purse items as effective weapons. We even explain what type of purse will allow you easy access to these weapons.
  5. We give you advice on how to avoid hijackers and escape kidnappers.
  6. We show the most vulnerable body parts of your attacker and how to exploit them.
  7. 80% of attacks take place inside a home. We will discuss all the potential weapons laying around and how to use them effectively. Our personal favorite - the frying pan - is an effective attack and defense weapon when used correctly
  8. We show and demonstrate the most up-to-date defense devices available and what would suit your needs.
  9. Poisons and drugs are being used more and more to murder and manipulate women. We help you see the signs, and a great deal more!
  10. How to free yourself when your hands are tied with duct tape.

Both these chairs could give you an opportunity to escape an attacker. See how it's done.


These everyday house implements can be effective self-defense weapons. See how it's done.


Many women have been kidnapped, locked in the car trunk and then assaulted or murdered. How did a 94 year old woman escape out of a locked trunk? It's easy when you know how. See how it's done.


How to escape from an attacker's grip on you. No extra strength or athleticism needed! See how it's done.

Every woman needs this information!

CRIME AGAINST WOMEN IS ON THE RISE, so is the brutality. We want to give you the best possibilty to be a survivor. Remember 80% of crimes against women are committed by a person they know. We help you spot some of the signs.

WPSDI is the first and only international program that is specifically and practically designed to help all women of all ages in any situation. Our aim is to reverse the statistics of crimes against women.

We spent 7 years in 2 of the top 10 countries of violence. Our research includes speaking to victims, attackers, investigators, medical doctors, criminal and private psychiatrists, neurologists, auto mechanics, escape artists, attorneys, and many more. We have inspected countless crime reenactments and actual crime scene photographs.


PEPPER SPRAY is a good self-defense weapon. Made to look like a lipstick or ladies spray, it is light, small, and very effective. In our demonstration video, we show you how to use it for maximum efficiency! Every woman should have atleast one.



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